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Wikonomy policyEdit

Wikonomy means "wiki-style economy".Is it possible to make a collaborative and transparent economy sharing informations? A Wiki is a method for sharing informations about culture , for promoting school contents etc. ; promoting culture is essential but insufficent. We spend a big part of our life in school (who has this possibility) to have a better job, for living or trying to live better.We use culture for a real project.

Economy and democracyEdit

Democracy and economy work side by side in a continuous process: they influence themselves fastly.

Wiki and designEdit

My favourite interest is to reason about real contents. A wiki can make economy many ways.The first is designing. By a wiki , many points of view can converge in the same object or project (building a product, realise an idea); you can contribute indipendently from age culture income ecc. You need only a nickname and some ideas.

Economy and freedomEdit

The traditional economy is not free.Freedom is money. A Wiki is an immaterial place in which you

A Wikibank ?Edit

How do you imagine your bank?

Surely , you want a bank in which you can unterstand bank language.Maybe a wikibank is similar to other banks, but using a more simple language.